All accounts are connected to institutional grade liquidity ensuring profits are secured for both us and our traders.

We welcome trader’s from all nationalities as long as there are no active international sanctions with the traders country and the United Kingdom.

We have our own custom dashboard.  The dashboard will notify our traders when they’ve reached their profit target, hit daily drawdown, or an overall drawdown violation.

We accept all major credit cards, bank wire, along with several crypto currencies.

Crypto Currencies we accept include: BTC, LTC, DASH, USDT(BEP20), USDT(TRON)

Due to the nature of our business it is possible that your bank could be denying your transaction first time round.   Sometimes calling your bank to let them know you intended to transact business with us, or even being on the phone with them during the transaction might help it go through.

All trades whether it be a challenge or instant funding are done on demo accounts with EightCap, with the live stages being optimized appropriately and forwarded to our master omnibus account with our liquidity providers.

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Our Challenges

Challenge your limits

Our Challenge Accounts consist of three stages: Challenge, Verification, and Funded.

In the Challenge stage (Phase 1), your profit target is 7%, and you have 30 calendar days to hit this target. Our profit target is one of the lowest in the industry, while still maintaining an overall drawdown system.

In the Verification stage (Phase 2), your profit target is 5%, and you have 60 calendar days to hit this target. This stage is designed to ensure that you are consistently profitable and worth advancing to the Funded round.

For the Funded round, traders must make a profit of at least 1% to qualify for a profit split withdrawal. However, there is no time limit for making profits once you have reached this stage.

Each account has two limits: an overall drawdown limit and a daily drawdown limit.

The maximum overall drawdown limit is always 10% of the initial balance. So, if you order a $100k account, your account equity can never go below $90k (which is 10% of $100k).

The daily drawdown limit is 5%, and this 5% is taken from the initial balance. Each day, at rollover, the daily high limit is set to either the balance or the equity (whichever is higher) on your account.

  1. Let’s say you open an account with an initial balance of $50,000. The overall drawdown limit is 10% of this amount, which is $5,000. So, if at any point your account equity drops to $45,000 or below, you will have hit the overall drawdown limit.

  2. Now, let’s look at the daily drawdown limit. If the account has a balance of $100,000 and no floating profit, the daily drawdown limit for the next day will be 5% of the initial balance, which is $5,000. This means that if your account equity drops to $95,000 or below at any point during that day, you will have hit the daily drawdown limit.

  3. Finally, let’s consider a scenario where the account has a balance of $200,000 and no floating profit. In this case, the daily drawdown limit for the next day will be $190,000 (which is 95% of the initial balance of $200,000). So, if your account equity drops to $190,000 or below at any point during that day, you will have hit the daily drawdown limit.

You will have 30 calendar days to complete the initial phase 1 challenge, 60 calendar days to complete the phase 2 verification round, and the funded phase is endless.

We allow overnight trades, weekend holding, news trading, scalping, swing trading, & day trading with no lot size limitation.  

We do not allow arbitrage, tick scalping, hedging two different accounts against each other, or other malicious trading methods.

For Traders That Use Expert Advisors the following EA’s are not allowed on our accounts:

  • Copy Trading
  • Signal Bots
  • Martin Gale Expert Advisors
  • Grid Trading Robots
  • High Frequency Trading

Beginner an Intermediate levels have a leverage of 1:100.  However, our pro stage half million and million dollar accounts have 1:10 leverage.

If your phase 1 trading period ends in a positive balance from initial balance you will be eligible for a free retake.

We process all withdrawals via bank wire transfer, or crypto payouts.   Any fee’s to facilitate the transfer will be deducted from the transfer.  

Traders are eligible for their first withdrawal 30 days after they place their first trade, then every 2 weeks afterwards.  Withdrawal requests should be put in 1 week in advance to give appropriate timing to withdraw funds from our capital accounts.

Ready for a withdrawal send an appropriate invoice for your profit share to [email protected]

We pay out all refunds with disbursement of our traders first profit split withdrawal.

First Profit split will be tied to 75%, while all future withdrawals will be 80% in the trader’s favour.

Our Challenge program has one of the best scaling programs in the industry.   If you can profit your account 10% three months in a row, we will scale your account 100%.    Best part about this?  You can withdraw your profits every month along the way, as long as you hit the targets three times, you increase you buying power potential!

Instant Funds

While there is no strict time limit associated with this program, the first withdrawal can only be made after achieving a minimum of 6% profit. All subsequent profit targets or withdrawals have a minimum requirement of 3%.

Once traders have met the minimum profit targets for withdrawals, they are encouraged to continue trading to further grow their account. However, it is important to exercise caution and avoid overtrading or taking unnecessary risks, as this can negatively impact overall performance. We recommend that traders take a measured approach to trading, focusing on consistent profits over the long-term rather than trying to exceed withdrawal targets too quickly.

Our instant fund accounts are subject to a strict 6% static drawdown rule, which means that the drawdown is always pegged to 6% of the initial account size, regardless of any profit earned. For instance, if you start with a $1000 account, the maximum drawdown allowed would be $60. Even if the account scales up to twice its size, the drawdown would remain at 6% of the new account size.

At The Talented Trader, we permit all forms of trading except for tick scalping, arbitrage trading, or any malicious activity, as determined by our team. If we find that your trading style cannot be executed correctly within our liquidity pool, we will notify you and request that you change your trading style to improve execution.

All Instant Fund Accounts have a leverage of 1:50

You can request a withdrawal once a week, and to ensure timely processing, invoices must be submitted by Monday COB NY Market Time. We have scheduled our processing day for every Wednesday of the week. If you are ready to make a withdrawal, please send an appropriate invoice for your profit share to [email protected].

Our profit split is directly tied to our scaling program, ensuring that traders are fairly compensated for their efforts. Every account starts with a 50/50 profit split, which increases by 5% as the account scales up in size. The maximum profit split offered is 70%, providing traders with an opportunity to maximize their earnings.

Our scaling program offers an exciting opportunity for ambitious traders to achieve their financial goals! By reaching a 12% profit milestone and maintaining it in your account, you can double the size of your account. We conduct weekly scaling reviews to keep you updated on your progress, and our program allows accounts to grow up to a staggering $1.24 million. With this program, the sky’s the limit, and your potential for success is virtually unlimited.

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